Q: If you don’t have the key for the lock and you need a key cut can a locksmith still assist?

A: Yes a locksmith can still assist in cutting keys for you if you do not have the key, they will need do dissemble the lock itself to get the correct coding, If this is not able to be done then in some cases they will advise you on getting a new lock fitted.

Q:  How much do locksmiths charge to cut a key?

A: This is all depended on what type of key you are looking to get cut.  A normal door key can be from R50 upwards and if it is a car key you are looking at more higher price from anywhere from R1500 and above as car keys will need to be coded as well depending on the make of the vehicle.

Q:  Can you get your car key cut if you have lost the key?

A: Yes you can, the locksmith will need to ask a few questions when it comes to making a new set of car keys for you. And they will ask for information as well to ensure that it is your vehicle as they cannot just cut a car key at any given time.  Once they have asked the questions and gotten all the correct information they will be able to cut the car key for you.

Q: How long does it take for a locksmith to arrive?

A: This is all dependent on whether the locksmith may be out on another job or how many locksmiths are working on the day.  Normally it can take up to an hour.

Q: Can I pay a locksmith with my credit card?

A: Yes now a days locksmith companies carry a card machine with them to make the payment.  But we advise to ask what they accept cash only or can they take cards