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ECU also known as the Engine Control Unit plays a vital role in your car.  If faulty it can affect numerous parts to fail, such as the starting of your car and the idling of your car, lack of power or if a light comes on the dashboard it is mainly to do with the ECU.  It is important that you get it looked at by professionals and this is where ECU Repairs Kempton Park comes in.  Ecu repairs Kempton Park  will diagnose the problem with the engine control unit (ECU) and then it will take us about an hour to 2 hours to fix this also depends how soon the parts are available as well and if we need to order them.  We will always advise on best options needed to repair the ECU.  We are the experts in repairing engine control units (ECU’S).  We are highly skilled in what we do and can repair an engine unit control (ECU) on any vehicle. We offer a 6 month guarantee on the service that we provide.  We don’t need to stress about your car, let us handle the problem and have it sorted out in no time for you.

Ecu repairs Kempton Park  aim at making sure that all our clients receive the best services from us and that it is always professional.  We are based in the Kempton Park area and we get many clients from all different area’s because we are the best at what we do.  We have been repairing engine control units (ECU’s) for several years and we know exactly what we are doing. Ecu repairs Kempton Park  are the best of the best.

Ecu repairs Kempton Park