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Dampproofing is a set of techniques used to prevent accumulated moisture and any issues it might cause. If you just moved into your dream home and hate that it feels cold and damp, or you see water dripping through your basement ceiling when it rains, then you need dampproofing services.

Dampproofing is any measures taken to reduce the potential for water caused damage to a structure. It is a construction technique used to prevent mould and mildew from growing in a home or building, but it does more than just that. Water damage can ruin your walls, ceilings and floors, so it is best to make sure you are in control of this issue.


Dampproofing is a treatment or process by which moisture is prevented from entering the interior of a building through cracks or openings. The process attempts to reduce water damage in existing buildings and it is applied after construction, or before waterproofing a new building.

The 5 Benefits of our Damp Proofing

There are many benefits of damp proofing including:

  1. Dampproofing is a great way to help protect your wood and timber flooring against the threat of moisture.
  2. Limits future costs safeguards your home and resolve a wide range of damp issues.
  3. Prevent dampness from gaining access to and moving through a wall.
  4. Reserves original features in the property and can raise a property’s value by adding additional insulation.
  5. Improves the overall quality of the building.

Damp Proofing

Top-Rated Damp Proofing Services

Our Damp Proofing Services can help you gain more from your home by eliminating water seepage into your walls and floors. Our guaranteed, professional technicians only use the latest technology in this specialised field, to save you time and money.

The only choice is our Damp Proofing Company

We provide specialist Techniques to remove all types of damp areas and provide wall repair solutions at affordable prices.

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  1. Our Damp Proofing Engineers are highly trained and qualified in providing an excellent and professional level of service
  2. We investigate what has caused the damp conditions and provide solutions to prevent further damp from occurring.
  3. We deliver Damp Proofing Services using the top products, to ensure that your home or building is protected for years to come.
  4. Our team use a variety of techniques to make sure your home is dry.
  5. All installers are fully competent, qualified and insured to work in the industry.
  6. We’ll visit your home at a time that suits you and provide free, impartial advice for all types of homes.
  7. We conform to all current trends, working directly with structural engineers and all major building control bodies
Expert Damp Proofing Contractors

We are the best company to deal with Damp Proofing in, and our teams have years of experience and expertise in dealing with any damp problems.

We have served many prestigious clients and have built long term relationships based on trust. Our clients are an important part of our business.

Damp Proofing Contractors

Damp Proofing Edenvale

We at our company provides the best Damp Proofing in Edenvale. Our company has been designing and constructing the highest quality of damp proofing. So if you are looking for a professional service that can help you to get rid of your issue then you can trust us.

Damp Proofing Gauteng

At Damp Proofing Contractors, we provide services for the installation, repair, and maintenance of all your damp proofing needs. We provide our clients with a total solution for their damp proofing problems,

Damp Proofing North West

Damp Proofing Contractors North West offer exceptional Damp Proofing promptly for household and business clients. Our focus is on using the best quality products to get the job done with minimal disruption.

Damp Proofing Randburg

Understanding the needs of our customers and clients is the reason we exist. Our company puts our clients first and when it comes to the best Damp Proofing Randburg has available, the response has been stellar. Call us for a free quotation today!

Damp Proofing Roodepoort

We are equipped with the best materials and have the expertise to provide you with the best Damp Proofing in Roodepoort. Our team consists of specialists in all the different types of damp proofing like masonry, timber, and commercial damp proofing.

Damp Proofing Specialists Cape Town

Our Damp Proofing Cape Town team is available for all domestic and commercial clients. We have the most innovative and professional technologies in the market when it comes to Damp Proofing in Cape Town.

Learn the Methods of DampProofing

  • Thermal insulation. This involves placing an impermeable membrane such as a damp-proof course (DPC) around the inside of the structure. The walls, floors, and any other areas between this membrane and the ground outside will effectively create a damp-proof course. The theory behind this is that no ground moisture can enter from below if it cannot be heated or evaporated.
  • Materials used in damp proofing can range from cement grout to plastic sheeting and concrete products. Each material has its characteristics, making them suitable for specific applications.
Learn the Process of DampProofing

The process of damp proofing starts with identifying and examining the causes behind the dampness of your property. This is done to restore the structure of your building, by eliminating the sources of water ingress like leaking pipes, leaky toilets and condensation.

Application for Internal Walls – Damp Proofing Systems

Damp proofing internal walls is a critical process for any property owner who is worried about mould, wood rot and damp issues.

Damp Proofing Systems offer a wide range of moisture resistant products and services, ranging from our complete turnkey internal damp proofing systems and timber treatment solutions to our hidden wall anchors.

If the walls of your house have become damp or damp patches have appeared there, it probably means you have a problem with dampness in the building structure. To tackle this issue, you need to address the problem early – at the source. The best way to do this is by employing our specialist damp proofing systems for internal walls.

There are three main types of damp proofing systems for internal walls: DPC, DPM and felt. They all provide different levels of protection from rising damp, so it’s best to find out which is the most suitable for your home and the type of damp you have by contacting an expert like us.

Application for External Walls – Damp Proofing Systems

Damp proofing for an external wall refers to different damp-proofing systems that can be used to solve a rising damp problem. It involves the laying of materials at the vulnerable points of a building so that water cannot seep into it further, keeping the inner walls dry and safe from mould and mildew. These are known as ‘moisture barriers’.

The four main types of damp proofing for walls (also known as DPC) are ‘full height’, ‘partial height’, ‘sealant’ and ‘cavity’. The most common types of damp proof course are elastomeric coatings.

Poor Ventilated Walls

All problems have a solution. One such issue is poor ventilation. It may occur due to two reasons– poor quality paint or poor ventilation. Poor quality of paint leads to loss of breathability and causes issues like mildew, fungus and moulds.

Our company ensures that our clients get the best ventilation solutions in their homes and businesses by providing high-quality vents and ductwork construction. We will improve your overall health while helping you be more energy efficient with better ventilation.

Ground Moisture

Ground moisture is the amount of water that runs through the soil of an area. Indeed, ground moisture is a serious issue that can cause dangerous/damaging effects on property and people.

Our action plan involves installing a waterproof membrane, applying a ground-damping membrane and installing sheet piling around the perimeter of the structure. We also supply and install geogrid products or products manufactured by our own company to stabilize the ground beneath buildings with foundation problems.

We offer Damp Proofing Certification

Our team of experts provides Damp Proofing Certification for homeowners and business owners. Before embarking on the project, our technicians thoroughly evaluate the site and offer suggestions on how to proceed based on their experience. We provide a written estimate detailing the number of materials needed, labour charges and estimated completion date.

SPECIALS – How Much Is Damp Proofing?

The preferred approach to the cost of damp proofing is to always look for dampness on the surface—on the window sill, the walls, around baths, in kitchen units and so on. It’s a lot easier to tackle dampness at this stage rather than trying to diagnose and getting costly damp proofing certification after you’ve done extensive work.

How Much Is Damp Proofing?

FREE quotes –  Cost For Damp Proofing

Hire a team of professionals from our company as they offer a range of affordable Damp Proofing services for homes, offices, and other properties.

Damp Proofing Products South Africa

We offer Damp Proofing in South Africa using top of the line products for hidden waterproofing for residential, commercial and industrial clients throughout South Africa

Our company can effectively control dampness damaging your property such as beneath floors, basements, lofts, stud walls and behind plasterboard in residential apartments, homes and offices.

What is the Difference between Dampproofing and Waterproofing?

Contrary to popular belief, waterproofing is not the same as dampproofing. They require different methods of application to work effectively and it’s important to know the difference between them to decide which is appropriate for your home.

Difference between Dampproofing and Waterproofing

Waterproofing provides a complete seal from water getting into a home or building.

Dampproofing is something you need to take into account if your building is likely to be affected by groundwater.

Differences between Dampproofing and Waterproofing


  • Our Waterproofing is the process of preventing and/or slowing down water (and other liquids) from damaging things that we value, such as houses, cars, electronics, work surfaces and more.
  • Process of sealing cracks or holes in walls or roofs to keep water out.


  • Dampproofing is the construction technique used to keep a building dry when it isn’t built on solid bedrock.
  • Damp proofing is a procedure used in conjunction with others to prevent dampness. It will help to reduce and halt any damage that may be caused by any future dampness problems. It can either be done as a one-off service or combined with other services to provide a long term solution for years to come.

Learn more – Bituminous Dampproofing

Bituminous Dampproofing is one of the most trusted ways to ensure a structure is safe and protected from water damage. Dampproofing is an excellent method of keeping water out while simultaneously helping the roof, along with the rest of the structure, last a lot longer. Simply whatever it may be called, this building technique can be used on almost every style of construction you could imagine.

Bituminous Dampproofing

The basics of the bitumen roofing process involve applying a fibrous asphalt membrane over the areas of the roof that are susceptible to leakage. Bitumen dampproofing is generally done through mechanical means, in addition to industrial membranes which act similarly to the asphalt membranes, but with much higher resistance to weathering.

Pros of Bituminous Dampproofing

Once installed, bituminous dampproofing fills any holes or cracks inside the structure of the object. It also acts as a water sealant on the exterior of an object when applied to brick and cement. The usage of this sealing method has been successful for many years in several different types of projects such as roads, buildings and dams. Its design and application are primarily used for exterior waterproofing of buildings.

Cons of Bituminous Dampproofing

The cons of bituminous dampproofing to consider are factors such as the cost and time restraints of the process.

Learn more – Cementitious Dampproofing

So what exactly is cementitious dampproofing? While conventional dampproofing uses materials such as tar or bitumen to keep water from passing through foundations and walls, cementitiousdampproofing incorporates elements such as cement and lime. As a result, it does a far better job of keeping moisture at bay than most other kinds of damp-proofing systems.

Cementitious dampproofing is the process of applying cement mortar or concrete to masonry walls in your basement to plug up any holes, cracks, or crevices where water may be seeping through from the soil and groundwater.

It enables you to do the waterproofing before the walls are finished. It’s perfect for those who want to save money, and to make the project last. You can complete it in 3 ways: by using a sprayer; by applying pans; or by pouring it down the drain pipes.

Need to Dampproofing Walls?

We are the best Dampproofing Walls Company in the business and we can assure you that when you work with us, all of your dampproofing walls problems will be over. All our staff are well trained, experienced and skilled in all aspects of waterproofing, all our staff are which we deliver on a first-class basis to our customers.

Dampproofing Walls


Our company offers installation services to homes and businesses throughout the region. We pride ourselves on providing a professional and clean service that is efficient and timely. We have been operating successfully for several years and have gained significant experience in the carrying out of complex projects.

Speak to us about your:

  • Need Damp investigations?
  • Experts at Damp proofing services
  • Learn more about Surface waterproofing systems
  • Want Underfloor heating?
  • We install Brickwork waterproofing systems
  • Let us quote on your Wall tie replacement systems

Wall Damp Proofing

Indeed, Wall Damp Proofing is a process that adds insulation and keeps moisture at bay. It does this by creating a barrier between the existing wall and the structure behind it. This barrier contains all moisture from seeping into the structure. It will protect your cement walls from cracking, bleeding, and becoming structurally unsound over time.

Damp Proofing An Internal Wall

Our company offers you a service of damp proof and wall waterproofing, which can be used to treat most materials. We can provide our customers with a full ‘turnkey’ service for all damp treatment works.

Damp Proofing Masonry Walls

A damp wall can be not just an annoying problem to live with, but also a dangerous one. It’s easy to find these days: peeling wallpaper, stained or mouldy plaster, and a general musty smell. The best solution for this is a Damp Proofing Masonry Wall system. You can use this to seal up the gaps in your walls or floors which are allowing water from the outside to make its way inside.

Cavity Wall Damp Proofing

Full cavity wall damp-proofing is a specialist treatment. This helps to prevent damage caused to walls by damp rising through the bricks or mortar. Our damp-proofing products are injected into the gap between the inside and outside of walls. This protects them from moisture and vapour in the air that could cause internal damage.

Damp Proofing Existing Walls

We are the best choice for Damp Proofing Existing Walls. We have specialised in all types of moisture control and remedial damp treatment techniques too. Our engineers provide a full range of services. They range from removing existing mould to providing specialist damp proof solutions throughout South Africa.

Cost of Damp Proofing a Wall

The costs of carrying out damp proofing work vary from the size, style, and location of the property. As with any job, however, certain costs will be incurred regardless.

Damp Proofing External Wall

If you’ve had problems with dampness in your home, house extension or even a new build. We can deal with that for you. Our external wall dampproofing treatment is robust and will save you money as well as a lot of headaches. This damp treatment can be applied to most external walls and lasts for decades. This will save you from the hassle of having to live with mouldy walls in your home or business.

Damp Proofing Interior Wall

Our Damp Proofing Interior wall is the great demand these days. We provide this service with efficiency and quality. The condition of dampness on the walls can be very dangerous to your health. We repair your existing damp proofing in a very realistic manner.

Our experts are very well trained to do the work within no time. We always do justice with our services. You will smile by us giving you the best product at a reasonable rate. We don’t compromise on quality; therefore, we only use the best material in our project execution.

Cost of Damp Proofing Internal Walls

Our company is acknowledged for offering the best Cost of Damp Proofing Internal Walls in South Africa. We use the latest techniques and equipment to remove moisture from your house. Our services are cost-effective and also guarantee that your family stays safe in the property.

Damp Proofing External Brickwork

We provide an extensive range of external brickwork damp proofing solutions. Our external damp proof courses are designed to prevent water penetration. The most common waterproofing systems are those that are impregnated with oils and bitumens. Whilst others are breathable membranes to protect brickwork, blockwork and concrete from damage due to rising damp and penetrating water.

Damp Proofing Outside Wall

Our company provides external wall damp proofing in South Africa. If you are facing the problem of external wet walls in your property, get in touch with us. We offer expert advice on the most effective solutions to get rid of wet walls in your home.

Damp Proofing Plaster Walls

Our Damp Proofing Plaster Walls provide a viable solution for the mitigation of rising damp.  Rising damp can cause damage to the structures, contents and finishes of a building.

Damp Proofing House Walls

The Damp Proofing of your house walls is an essential process in ensuring they are waterproof and durable. If a wall is not correctly treated, mould and mildew may develop. If this happens you will need to have the whole surface re-plastered. This can cause further damage and a reduction in the value of your house.

Experts @ Home Damp Proofing

Our Home Damp Proofing is one of the specialities of our company. We have been doing this for a lot of years now. Our services are available to all people who are living in Sydney. Our home damp proofing specialists come out to your house. We will be able to help you with every aspect of your needs.

Exceptional Services

We offer exceptional services that are very affordable and which will be tailored to you. Whether you need a whole house or only a few rooms done, we can help you. We guarantee that every aspect of our work will be completed as quickly as possible. You will not have any problems as a result of our services.

What Makes us Different From Other Companies?

We know what works best for homeowners. We use the latest technology available so that we can provide you with the best service possible. You will be able to enjoy your home again and not have any more worries about moisture or mould.

Cost of Damp Proofing a House

It can cost you a lot of money to damp proof a house. Indeed, if done correctly it will save you money in the long run. The first step is to hire us, an experienced damp proofing company.

Damp Proofing House Cost

Our experts offer the most effective and economical damp proofing solutions. Our company provide top quality products which are in line with industry requirements.

Professionals @ Damp Proofing a Basement

We have made it our mission to help people protect their homes from moisture and mould. Our company offers Damp Proofing a Basement to those who want peace of mind. Now your home will remain safe from the growth of mould, mildew, and other unwanted effects.

Damp Proofing Interior Basement Walls

If you find leaking water in your basement contact us. You should know that there’s more to damp basement walls than drying them to prevent mould and painting them to improve their appearance. There is a right way to dry and waterproof the walls. If you need help with Damp Proofing the Interior Basement Walls WhatsApp us now!

Accredited @ Damp Proofing Floors

Installing a proper damp proofing floor is a wise investment for anyone living in an older house. This service is carried out by our professional team of floor specialists. It includes all the essential components to ensure your floors are protected from water.

Damp Proofing Floors

Damp Proofing Concrete Floor before Tiling

When your entire home is being retiled, it’s often tempting to have the beautiful tiles laid immediately. However, damp proofing is important, and you shouldn’t tile over damp concrete flooring. This can cause mould, damage the subfloor, or in the very worst cases, lead to the concrete floor collapsing. Our Damp Proofing Concrete Floor services can dry out the moisture and create a seamless base.

Masters of Damp Proofing Garage

Damp Proofing in a garage is an incredibly effective method of protecting its contents. We fully renovate these areas, removing old materials and replacing them with concrete roof tiles. This will prevent water from penetrating the walls. Enquire today and we’ll give you a quotation for our damp proofing services.

Roof Damp Proofing

At our company, we provide Roof Damp Proofing to both domestic and commercial clients. Our high-quality materials and experienced contractors mean that you will get a first-class job at a great price. We’re here to help with expert advice throughout the process.

Let us – Drywall Damp Proofing

The final step of home or office renovation is installing your ceilings, walls, and doors. The last step is also one of the most tedious and time-consuming – but it doesn’t have to be. We will take charge of your drywall and make sure all of your Damp Proofing is done properly. Then you can enjoy your newly refurbished home for many years to come, worry-free.

Need help? – Internal Damp Proofing

We offer Internal Damp Proofing as a client-specific solution in helping to prevent rising damp within the walls of your property. We can also provide a full solution that includes all of the elements mentioned within our consultation.

Internal Damp Proofing

External Damp Proofing

In protecting our buildings from dampness, we offer external damp proofing systems with redundant features. These are backed by years of experience and a customer-first attitude. We start by gaining an understanding of the problem before applying our consulting experience and expertise to solve it. We can work within your budget. Indeed, we have an excellent track record for customer service – any inquiries are answered quickly by our friendly office staff.

Remove Dampness – Rising Damp Proofing

We offer Rising Damp Proofing to help reduce rising damp in existing walls, this is often where the damage takes place. Then in the best interest of our customers, we can also replace entire walls.

Rising Damp Proofing